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Cambodia, a country with a total land area of 181,040 km2 and inhabited by 16,249 million people, shares a land border with Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam. The (PPP constant price 2011) of the country was recorded at USD 60.01 billion in 2018 with annual growth of 9.3% [1]. With most of the population living in rural areas (73% in 2017), Cambodia has shown a tremendous effort in improving national electricity access, from 12% in 2005 to almost 70% in 2017. However Cambodia is one of the ASEAN Member States which need more enhancement on electricity access. In 2018, one-fourth of household not yet connected to the grid.

In order to alleviate these electricity access, the government has implemented two Renewable Energy Programmes as well as promoted cross-border power trade. The renewable programmes are Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Biogas focusing on rural communities, whereas, importing electricity from neighbouring countries aims to strengthen the grid supply stabilisation. The country aims to reach 90% electrification target by 2030. Besides, Cambodia promotes cleaner power generation by increasing solar and wind installed capacity in its power mix. The residential electricity price in the region is around 0.165 USD/kWh. The electric power consumption is one of the lowest among ASEAN member state, around 424 kWh per capita [2].

[1] National account with conversion value of WDI
[2] Country official data

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