Enhance ASEAN Energy Database on Energy-Climate nexus and net zero pathways

The ACCEPT Phase I has successfully strengthening ACE as an information hub on the ASEAN energy-climate nexus, including by developing database as part of the ASEAN Energy Database System (AEDS) providing the data set on energy and climate policy from all 10 ASEAN countries and a special page on the Covid-19 impact on energy and climate change in the region.

To continue with this success, the ACCEPT II will develop a regional knowledge hub on energy-climate and/or net zero with integrated dissemination activities (Project Output 3.2). In addition, ACCEPT II will also provide specific data and information on energy-climate change nexus and/or net zero as the reference so that the policy makers (or any stake holders) can build or design their policy and plan in comprehensive manner understanding the pathways and efforts that the AMS needs in moving towards a low-carbon economy and a net zero future.

ACCEPT also complements AEDS by providing the collection of energy-climate change news in ASEAN Energy News Clippings that is circulated regularly every week to thousands of stakeholders on energy and climate change sectors in ASEAN and beyond. From this collected news, ACCEPT build the Insights which provide the readers key stories about energy-climate change in the region during the certain period.

This activity is expected to be able to inform the public in the ASEAN countries about energy and climate change (Project Outcome 3), as it may see the change in ACE’s public outreach to include energy-climate policy nexus and improved dissemination of information about energy-climate policy nexus, while at the same time strengthen ACE capacity in energy-related climate policy (Project Output 3.1).


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