ASEAN Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP)


The ASEAN Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) is a programme under the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (SOME-METI) work programme. The ASEAN-Japan EE&C Cooperation was commenced in 2000, with the implementation of Project for Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation (PROMEEC) and Multi-Country Training Programme on Energy Conservation for ASEAN Countries (MTPEC). In 2012, the cooperation continues with the launch of the AJEEP, which is implemented by ACE and the Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ), in coordination with the ASEAN EE&C-SSN.

In 2016, AJEEP has been stepped up to new phase of the programme, including the new AJEEP Scheme 2.

AJEEP Scheme 2:

Training of Trainers for Energy Manager Certification

The new AJEEP Scheme 2 has been implemented since 2016 and focuses on the energy manager trainers’ training. This programme aims to improve the existing training and certification system of energy managers in ASEAN Member States.


  • To enhance the quality and quantity of the energy managers in AMS who can propose to the owners and the top management feasible and effective EE&C measures to develop EE&C projects.
  • To narrow the gaps of the capability to make and implement the EE&C regulatory frame work among AMS further for enhanced EE&C promotion in the ASEAN region.
  • To promote and strengthen ASEAN-Japan Cooperation in EE&C

Since 2016, the AJEEP Scheme 2 has certified 68 ASEAN Energy Manager Trainers.

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