Role of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) in Low-Carbon Development in ASEAN

3 February 2022


  • ASEAN is projected to remain dependent on fossil fuels, particularly coal, for electricity generation. Of all the fossil fuels, coal emits the highest CO2 emissions.
  • The ASEAN Member States (AMS) regard carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) as a vital technology for decarbonising energy systems and achieving net-zero targets.
  • There are several barriers to developing CCUS in the ASEAN region, including the lack of supporting policies or regulatory frameworks, the need for high capital investment and concerns about technology readiness.
  • Several recommendations are presented to assist in the building of a strong foundation for CCUS deployment in the region: establish supportive policies and financial support, enable technology maturation, strengthen regional cooperation, create shared CCUS infrastructures and establish a forum for information sharing.



Coal and Clean Coal Technology


Suwanto, Gabriella Ienanto, Beni Suryadi

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