Building Next Generation Data Center Facility in ASEAN

16 May 2024

Key Highlights

  1. The ASEAN digital economy is expected to reach a value of USD 1 trillion by 2050, showcasing the vast opportunities for growth and investment in the region.
  2. Data centers are an integral part of the infrastructure for market digitalisation and economic growth.
  3. The four key aspects of a next-generation data center facility: are reliable, simplified, sustainable, and smart. It addresses the challenges with the current practices of data centers.
  4. Modular designs, optimised construction for cooling and airflow, prefabricated data centers, smart and simplified O&M, and implementing advanced technologies are some of the ways a next-generation data center can be achieved.
  5. Currently, there are no regional standards in ASEAN for data center energy efficiency. Additionally, the majority of ASEAN countries have not implemented national regulations that directly address data centers, with the prevailing guidelines typically being encompassed within requirements of building codes.
  6. Adopting international best practices to drive uniformity and efficient standards of data centers in the region.
  7. Harmonised regional standards and regulations can accelerate the implementation of the next-generation data centers in the region and ensure uniformity through common guidelines, resources, and knowledge sharing from other ASEAN countries.
  8. Investing in research & development can support promoting innovation and emerging technologies in the future sustainable data center.
  9. Powering data centers should utilise green sources, such as solar and wind, to ensure sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint.
  10. Establishing financial frameworks with a combination of private and public funds will incentivize the market to invest in energy efficiency development in data center operations. This approach aims to reduce investment risks and encourage sustainable practices.



Energy Efficiency and Conservation


ASEAN Centre for Energy and Huawei

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