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Brunei Darussalam is a country with the total land area of 5,770 km2 and shares a land border with Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Brunei Darussalam has a population of 428,962 people in 2018. The country is independent from energy import, due to its vast domestically available oil and gas reserves. In 2018, the (PPP constant price 2011) accounted is around 31.21 billion USD, which 73 % of GDP is still from oil revenues [1].

Despite relies massively on fossil fuel, the country intends to diversify its energy mix by incorporating renewable energy, specifically solar PV. Brunei also planned to develop the Temburong Smart City where this city would be powered mostly from solar. According to ASEAN Renewable Energy Development Report, the region’s average annual solar energy potential is between 400 to 500 W/m2. Brunei Darussalam has zero percentage of citizens living without electricity, with electricity power consumption of 8,247 kWh per capita in 2017 and the electricity price for residential in the country was around 0.056 USD/kWh [2]. The price of electricity in Brunei is relatively cheap, despite high income, leading the electricity consumption per capita is the second highest in Southeast Asia in 2017.

[1] National account with conversion value of WDI
[2] Country official data

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