Pursuing Affordable and Clean Energy for a Resilient Economy in ASEAN Communities

Monday, 2 Nov 2020




Energy Efficiency & Conservation


Nadhilah Shani, Gabriella Ienanto, Rifa Fadilla, Beni Suryadi

Key Points

To understand what ‘affordable and clean’ energy means to ASEAN, the urgency to push it forward and to explore the recommendations for achieving a resilient economy in ASEAN communities.

  • Affordable and clean energy as a focus in SDGs no. 7 is also pushed by ASEAN countries, despite diverse meaning it has within the ASEAN Member States.
  • The diverse concept of ‘affordable and clean’ is rooted from various economic capabilities, geographical conditions, and resource capacities that exist within the region.
  • ASEAN no longer needs to choose between affordable OR clean, since providing affordable AND clean energy is urgent and now become feasible.

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