The ministry can increase its nationwide power distribution to 50 per cent, said Union Minister for Electricity and Energy Win Khaing, at a ceremony to open sub-power stations in Hmawbi, Okkan and Aphyauk Townships in Yangon on November 30.

In his opening speech, the Union Minister said the opening of a sub-power station can fully and steadily distribute power the people want. Thanks to it, there will be less power shortages and losses. The ministry can gradually overcome electricity difficulties whenever a sub-power station is opened. Today, the ministry can open three similar sub-power stations. Thanks to continued efforts, the electricity coverage will reach half of the country. This is the result of the works done in three and a half years of the incumbent government. The electricity coverage reaches up to 50 per cent as the ministry can implement 34 per cent of the power distribution in three and a half years.”

Yangon Region Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein said: “I would like to honour and recognize the ministry’s 50 per cent electricity coverage. There are 2,127 village-tracts nationwide. A total of 1,085 villages have access to electricity. The electricity coverage in the rural area is 51.01 per cent. Continued efforts will be made for power distribution in the villages with no electricity access.”

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