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Access official and comprehensive ASEAN energy statistic in the form of processed data visualization in this page.

Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram provide an overview of the main energy flows and how they contribute to the global energy balance of a certain territory. It features directed arrows in which the width of these arrows are proportional to the flow quantity. Within a Sankey Diagram, the directed flow is always drawn between at least two nodes (processes). Thus it shows not only flow values but also information about the structure and distribution of the energy balance.

The primary energy inputs enter the left side of the diagram, and are differentiated into several various types of fuel. The right side represents the energy demand/consumption which are divided by sector, and other energy outputs such as export, loss & own use, and transportation.

ASEAN Total Primary Energy Supply (TPES) =  624 643 ktoe
ASEAN Total Final Consumption (TFC) = 423 887 ktoe

This Sankey diagram gives an overview of ASEAN Energy Balance in 2017. Referring to the diagram, ASEAN is still depending to coal, oil and gas for running the economy. Fossil fuels still become the main energy commodity either to be self- consumed or traded as an export.
From the energy consumption perspective, the sectors are also little electrified and pretty much reliant to oil products. There is a big potential for RE to grow more and playing more roles in the energy balance.
Running towards a clean energy transition, ASEAN shall focus  to optimize the energy usage by implementing energy efficiency effort, electrifiy more its sector, and decarbonize energy sector by increasing RE energy generation.


Racing Bar Chart

Racing bar chart helps to visualize the changes in trend over time. This type of chart is very popular as it provides a holistic data story/insight in a concise and easy to understand chart. This chart represents the display of energy supply, energy consumption, and share of renewable energy by country and by fuel.

It is an illustrative chart of Total Primary Energy Supply of ASEAN countries from 2005 to 2017.

During the 12 years period, it is shown that ASEAN energy demand is increasing 1.4 times due to rapid growth of the economy, with Indonesia holding the biggest share of the total supply.

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