MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 13th November, 2019) The Philippines hopes for Russian investments in its energy sector, as well as supplies of fuel from Russia at competitive prices to the benefit of the Southeast Asian nation’s consumers, Ann K. Hofer, the chairwoman of the Philippine House of Representatives’ foreign affairs committee, said on Wednesday.

“My country is eager to continue cooperation to enhance trade and investments. Russia is an energy powerhouse. I hope Russian companies can invest in energy generation in my country, as well as provide fuel at competitive prices to [reduce] energy costs for our constituency,” Hofer said at a meeting with the Russian upper house’s foreign affairs committee.

The senior Philippine lawmaker also praised cooperation with Russia in terms of purchasing defense equipment to meet the country’s security needs.

“We note in particular that defense equipment and materials sourced from Russia are free from political conditionalities the most welcome change from our traditional sources,” she said, adding that there were also mechanisms for bilateral exchanges between the defense, military and police officials of the two countries.

She also called for Russian investments in the Philippines‘ Build, Build, Build infrastructure program, while also expressing the joy of seeing Philippine goods on Russia‘s shop shelves.

“Soon we will be seeing canned and fresh frozen tuna in your stores,” Hofer said.

She also made a point to note the growing number of Philippine tourists visiting Russia thanks to the introduction of the free e-visa for trips to St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

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