JAKARTA, NNC – Indonesia Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan onTuesday (10/09) received the visit of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development of Finland, Anna-Mari Virolainen. The meeting was then followed by the 2018 Indonesia-Finland Business Seminar. During this visit, Finland brought business delegates representing various sectors.

Jonan revealed that the long-term cooperation relationship between Indonesia and Finland has developed in recent years. This collaboration has also produced results. “As we know, Indonesia and Finland have built a number of joint businesses, including diesel engine companies that have been implemented, including in Papua, as well as several companies engaged in new renewable energy,” said Jonan.

To the participants of this forum, Jonan also explained that the Indonesian government was focused on developing new renewable energy, such as through the obligation to use biodiesel mixture of 20 percent in diesel fuel oil, and establish regulations regarding Solar PV on rooftoop. “Renewable energy development in Indonesia is a long-term program, and is currently in its initial stages. Although the commitment in Paris has been signed in the summer of 2015, it is still valid today. We try to reach at least 23% of the energy mix by 2025. Often people ask whether this target can be achieved? Is it difficult? Or is it easy? Or does it makes sense? But I say realistically we will continue to strive to develop to achieve the target,” he said.

Indonesia also has a strong commitment in applying clean energy to increase energy supply. This is mandated in the National Energy Policy to change Indonesia’s energy sector by reducing oil consumption and expanding renewable energy. Likewise with the implementation of energy efficiency with a target to reduce energy intensity in all sectors by 1% per year.

“The commitment to reduce the greenhouse effect from 29% in 2030 is the main goal. Although it is not easy, we continue to try to disseminate the impact of reducing greenhouse gases to the public,” continued Jonan.

On this occasion, Minister Anna-Mari Virolainen also expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the opportunity given in business cooperation in the energy sector. “Some Finnish companies work in remote areas. This is a form of our commitment to support the Government of Indonesia in providing access to energy for all Indonesian people,” said Minister Anna-Mari Virolainen

Energy is a major factor in economic development and development. For this reason the Government of Finland is giving more attention to its energy management. Companies in Finland are very trying to create energy at affordable rates. This makes Finland one of the countries with low cost energy tariffs in Europe.

Indonesian Finnish cooperation has been carried out since 2011. During the period of 2011 to 2014, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources collaborated with the Government of Finland to implement the Energy and Environment Partnership with Indonesia/EEP Indonesia program. The program aims to improve energy access by utilizing renewable energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the impact of climate change and improve economic prosperity by utilizing renewable energy. The implementation was the construction of livestock-fueled biogas units in 15 villages, the use of biogas in sago flour mills, the construction of a biomass gasification system unit with two reactors that produced fuel gas and the use of high efficiency biomass stoves in six villages.

After the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2015, the Indonesia-Finland Joint Working Group on Energy was held in Jakarta in 2016. Within the working group there was the Power Sub-Working Group, the Bioenergy Sub-Working Group, and the Sub-Working Group Energy Efficiency. Subsequently, on June 6, 2017, Indonesia – Finland Business Forum was held, which aims to encourage cooperation between business actors from both countries and increase direct investment to Indonesia in the energy sector.

Ending his speech, Jonan emphasized the importance of facilitating the private sector from two countries. Promotion of private sector relations in the exchange of expertise and development of renewable energy resources and energy conservation. Engagement between Indonesian and Finnish companies in the initiative will help accelerate the development of renewable energy and energy conservation also play an important role.

“I hope there will be a discussion that can produce a real business. I also hope this relationship can be improved through understanding a better new renewable energy sector so that our cooperation can be established in the long run.

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