MANILA, Philippines – As consumption rates continue to rise and the government’s massive infrastructure program gets underway, one thing is clear: the Philippines’ demand for power will be higher than ever.

Can our existing energy mix sustain this growth? Based on latest figures, up to 50% of our energy comes from coal-fired power plants.

At first look, coal is the reasonable option because it is believed to be cheap and stable. However, increasing dependence on coal isn’t good for the environment or for our health. Recently, it hasn’t been good for our pockets, either, as coal prices and electricity rates have increased significantly

There is another major energy source that is cleaner, affordable, and reliable—natural gas. Based on latest figures from the Department of Energy, It already makes up 30% of Luzon’s existing energy mix, providing more than 2,000 MW’s of capacity to the Luzon grid.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about why natural gas can help address our rising power demands.

Illustration by Alyssa Arizabal/Rappler –


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