The Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand (ERC) will fix the fuel adjustment cost at Bt11.60 per unit, resulting in an average electricity cost of Bt3.64 per unit (VAT not included) for electricity bills during the January to April 2020 period.

ERC secretary-general Narupat Amornkosit said the commission will use a budget of Bt6.85 billion to manage the adjustment because the comparison between the estimated fuel cost from September to December 2019 and the current fuel cost was less than expected.

The budget consists of Bt264.97 million in fines slapped on power plants that cannot comply with their contacts and an absence of natural gas, and Bt6.6 billion of financial management in accordance with the criteria.

“There are many factors which causes the FT [fuel adjustment cost] value to improve better than the previous period, such as falling gas prices and currency appreciation,” Narupat said. “Since we aim to reduce the public’s cost of living and support the overall economy so that it improves, we will continue managing the FT by fixing the value for the next four months.”

FT management during the January to April 2020 period will take into consideration factors such as demand, proportion of fuel usage, fuel price trends, and the average exchange rate.

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