ASEAN Nuclear Energy Portal

A portal that brings information related to civilian nuclear energy from diverse sources. It contains information from different topics related to nuclear energy in general and also nuclear energy related to ASEAN. This portal gathered sources from different domains and also past projects.

If you have any questions or inquiries, kindly send an email to [email protected] with the subject “ASEAN Nuclear Energy Portal”.

How to use the Nuclear Portal:

  1. Filter which topic you want to know about.
  2. Filter the category you want to use.
  3. Filter the other columns according to your need.
  4. Use the search function located on the top left.

The available topics are:

  • ASEAN Member States: Information related to nuclear energy in ASEAN or one of the ASEAN Member States.
  • ASEANTOM: Information related to ASEANTOM.
  • Economics: Information related to economic aspects of nuclear energy, such as financing, economic impact, etc.
  • Human Resources: Information related to human aspects in nuclear industry, such as HRD.
  • International Perspectives: Information related to international practices of the nuclear industry from Non-ASEAN countries.
  • Licensing and Regulatory: Information related to licensing process and regulatory framework of civilian nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear Basic: Information related to basic knowledge of nuclear energy, such as history, current condition of electricity by nuclear, etc.
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Information related to nuclear fuel cycle, such as mining.
  • Nuclear Impacts: Information related to the impacts of using civilian nuclear energy, such as greenhouse gas avoided, nuclear relation to SDG, etc.
  • Nuclear Safety:  Information related to safety aspects of nuclear energy, such as radiation, transport of radioactive materials, etc.
  • Nuclear Technology: Information related to nuclear reactors.
  • Nuclear Waste: Information related to management of nuclear waste.
  • Public Engagement: Information related to how to communicate nuclear energy to the public.
NOTE: Several entries are cross-topics documents that might cover more than one type of topics, this can be seen when you are filtering the database. Category is the source of information, available categories are:
  • ACE APAEC: Information from ACE APAEC activities.
  • ACE NRPAS Phase 1: Information from ACE NRPAS Phase I Project.
  • General: Information that can be found in public domain.
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