Secondment Programme

The ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) collaborates with Dialogue Partners and International Organisations (DPs/IOs) in conducting joint research, capacity building, and cooperation activities. One of the platforms is through secondment. In the secondment, an expert from a partner institution would be seconded to ACE, to closely support and jointly conduct priority activities of the target organisation according to the expertise.


  1. To support the priority activities of the assigned department, as per the guidance of the Department Manager.
  2. To initiate related research and cooperation activities, in support of related Programme Areas of APAEC.
  3. To actively contribute to publication and dissemination activities (e.g. development of policy briefs, journal papers, and Op-eds) as well as participation in webinars and forums.
  4. To provide capacity building to ACE staff, both formally (training) and informally (discussion).

Scope of Works

  1. Joint development of academic papers to be published in a respected journal.
  2. Publication of popular articles or non-academic publications, including blogs, Op-eds, policy briefs, and working papers.
  3. Internal training or public webinar of expertise topics in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  4. Provision of written information and advice on expert matters, to support various ACE activities, including the preparation of proposals and briefing notes.
  5. Participation in projects and events, including meetings, seminars, document preparation and review, as well as outreach.

To apply for the secondment programme, the following documents should be submitted through the online application available on ACE’s website.

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Recommendation Letter from Superior
  3. Curriculum Vitae

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