The New Role of Coal Fired Power Plant in the Era of Energy Transition

18 November 2020

Key Points

Coal will still play a big part through the effort of the energy transition in ASEAN. However, changes are needed to ensure that coal utilisation will not impair ASEAN’s energy security and deter the region’s effort in achieving a cleaner and more 600sustainable energy sector in the future.

  • ASEAN is aiming 23% RE share by 2025, it is projected that achieving the target will not reduce fossil fuel significantly.
  • ASEAN Member States are adopting more policies to improve the situation on coal utilisation.
  • Success stories from other countries and regions show that coal can still play an important role in a cleaner and more sustainable energy sector.
  • ACE-JCOAL collaboration is initiated to investigate the process of transitioning coal into its possible new role in ASEAN energy development.





Coal and Clean Coal Technology


Iqlima Fuqoha, Kazuyuki Murakami, Masahiro Ozawa, M. Rizki Kresnawan, M. Oktada Hilman, Nadhilah Shani, Sandy Fajrian, Silvira Ayu Rosalia, Tharinya Supasa, Yamada Fumiko, Yudiandra Yuwono

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