Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Deployment towards a Low-Carbon ASEAN Economy

1 December 2022

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Ryan Toh Jun Shen, Alnie Demoral, Silvira Ayu Rosalia, Alfred Gurning

Key messages:

  • With the aspiration of ASEAN countries on ensuring energy security and accelerating energy transition through higher emission reduction to achieve their energy and climate targets, countries are gradually seeing the significance of nuclear power deployment moving towards a low-carbon economy.
  • SMRs generate relatively high baseload power at a smaller footprint compared to a conventional nuclear power plant. Deployment of SMRs can complement renewable energy implementation in the region.
  • Challenges faced by SMR deployment include the lack of clear legal frameworks designed to support the operation of SMRs, the lack of a clear framework between private and government partnerships to fund SMR construction, and the difficulty in selecting a suitable site to contain nuclear waste. These challenges need to be addressed first to ensure safe and risk-free nuclear construction and operation



Energy Transition


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