Review of Policies and Measures for Energy Efficiency in Indonesia's Industrial Sector

25 June 2021

CategoryTagAuthorDiana Vitonia and Rio Jon Piter Silitonga

Key Points

This policy brief aimed to capture better the potential benefit of implementing the energy efficiency program in Indonesia industrial sector for the government, industry players, and financial intermediaries to improve industrial energy efficiency and strengthen the economy. It also outlines alternative policy and financing schemes that might attract more investment in energy efficiency programs for Industry with these key features underlying the measure’s success:

  • Potential to save energy, reduce GHG emission, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
  • Prioritisation in industry sub-sector and technology selection.
  • Policy jurisdiction and enforcement for energy efficiency program implementation.

Measures to raise awareness, increase ESCO’s role, reform policy and financial alternatives, and build more demonstration projects.



Energy Efficiency and Conservation


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