Pricing Mechanisms for Promoting Accelerated Diffusion of Vehicle-to-Grid in the Southeast Asia Region

12 October 2022


  • The premiums paid to electric vehicles to perform grid generation services for decreasing variable renewable energy curtailment outperform those paid to reduce the peak load of electricity demand
  • Most ASEAN Member States require a premium subsidy to be paid to electric vehicles to make their total cost of ownership lower than internal combustion engine vehicles
  • Among the ASEAN Member States, Thailand’s electric vehicle’s total cost of ownership performance shows the most promising prospect for effective implementation of vehicle-to-grid
  • Improvements in electric vehicle battery and infrastructure costs could bring down the vehicle-to-grid premiums needed to perform grid generation services feasibly

The development of this policy brief was supported by the Energy Foundation China (EFC) through the project “ACE-EFC Joint Studies on COVID-19 Impact on Energy Sector Development and Variable Renewable Energy – Smart Microgrid – Electric Vehicle Integration”.



Renewable Energy


Muhammad Nurariffudin Mohd Idris (UTM), Haslenda Hashim (UTM), Cassendra P C Bong (UTM), Wai Shin Ho (UTM), Zarina Binti Ab Muis (UTM), Rika Safrina (ACE), Silvira Ayu Rosalia (ACE), Andy Tirta (ACE)

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