ASEAN Renewable Energy : The Regional Approach

2 May 2023


Key Highlights :

  • The long-term roadmap for the ASEAN region includes identifying seven key strategies to strengthen the enabling environment, attract climate financing, promote research and development, increase investment attractiveness, establish an ASEAN renewable energy facility, enhance interconnection, and catalyse future investments.
  • ASEAN member countries must learn from each other in formulating robust policies and competitive renewable energy markets in the region.
  • Prioritising renewable energy in ASEAN Economic Integration will be the key success factor.
  • ASEAN should re-evaluate fossil fuels and other traditional technologies.
  • Capacity building for high-level decision-makers is much needed – in addition to sectoral decision-makers.
  • ASEAN is ready for stronger ambitions, with a target of achieving 100% renewable energy.



Renewable Energy


Shoon So Oo, Monika Merdekawati, Ngoc Huong Giang Vu, Beni Suryadi

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