Overcoming Energy Security Challenges in Cambodia Through Energy Supply and Demand Measures

26 June 2023


  • Several barriers exist related to energy security issues covering the lack of institutional and policy framework, technical aspects, and social acceptance related to energy supply and demand sides in Cambodia.
  • The New Power Development Plan (PDP) and the New Energy Efficiency Plan (NEPP) of Cambodia aim to secure energy through several improvements from the previous policies on supply and demand sides.
  • To ensure a smooth implementation of the PDP and NEEP in Cambodia, the government needs to complement the PDP and NEEP with several policies to tackle existing barriers related to energy security (such as re-evaluating electricity tariff structure and upscaling investment required for supply and demand sides).
  • Moreover, the sharing knowledge platform among the relevant stakeholders involved in the energy sector would be necessary to reduce costs and improve stakeholders’ coordination for securing energy in Cambodia.
  • Strengthening regional cooperation would also be critical, particularly in power grid interconnection and potential multilateral electricity trading among the regions.



Energy Transition


Ambiyah Abdullah, Ghiffari Aby Malik Nasution, Auliya Febriyanti

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