Moving Forward with A Common Gas Market in ASEAN

3 January 2022


  • Despite concerns about the supply of gas in the future, natural gas is predicted to play an important role in ASEAN’s transition to low-carbon energy.
  • A common gas market (CGM) will increase the security of natural gas supply, reduce carbon emissions and inject competition into the regional gas market. However, the realisation of the recommendations published in the ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE)’s Gas Advocacy White Paper in 2018 seem to be progressing slowly.
  • A survey that was carried out by ASCOPE shows that the main obstacle facing the creation of a CGM in the region is that regulations and policies does not reward the adoption of a gas-based solution.



Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline


Adhityo Gilang Bhaskoro, Suwanto, Beni Suryadi

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