Job Creation Towards Achieving the Regional Renewable Energy Target

19 February 2022


  • In total, the potential job creation reaches 1.3 million in 2025. In terms of renewable energy (RE) type, the most needed jobs are in the field of solar (54%) power. In terms of activity, the most needed skills are related to construction (59%).
  • Vietnam offers the highest potential job creations in hydro, solar and wind power. Geothermal jobs are highly needed in Indonesia.
  • More than half of ASEAN’s new RE jobs are in Vietnam (56%) and the remainder are distributed proportionally in seven ASEAN Member States (AMS): Indonesia (10%), Myanmar (11%), the Philippines (9%), Lao PDR (4%), Malaysia (3%), Thailand (3%) and Singapore (2%).
  • ASEAN will be able to reach part of the regional RE target – the installed capacity criteria, with only a 1.5% gap to fill before 2025. But a rigorous plan is still needed to expand the capacity of hydro by 15.7 GW and of solar power by 51.8 GW to reach the regional RE target.
  • The main purpose of this discussion is to map the skill needs and allocations from two perspectives, energy type and location.
  • The recommended actions are 1) to improve the accuracy of energy jobs projection, and 2) to establish a knowledge-sharing platform among ASEAN policymakers and develop a people-centred transition plan.



Renewable Energy


Monika Merdekawati, Beni Suryadi, Amira Bilqis, Shahnaz Nur Firdausi, Jeihan Kartika Hapsari

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