Innovations to Drive the Energy Transition in the ASEAN Region

8 December 2021

Key Points

  • Meeting the steadily increasing demand for energy to support rapid economic growth, carrying out the Covid-19 recovery efforts and pursuing energy resilience will require embracing key innovations in the energy transition in the ASEAN region.
  • One of the main issues in ASEAN’s energy transition is finance, as reflected in the conditionality status of the updated NDCs for which most of the AMS seek external funding to help them realise GHG emissions reduction.
  • Several key actions relating to innovations to accelerate the energy transition in ASEAN are presented, focusing on enhancing policy tools and processes, both technological and financial.
  • Vietnam has successfully applied these key actions and raised renewable energy development growth, particularly solar and wind energy development.



ASEAN Power Grid


Suwanto, Monika Merdekawati, Gabriella Ienanto, Beni Suryadi

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