ASEAN Oil and Gas Updates 2023

1 November 2023

ASEAN Oil and Gas Updates 2023 examines the current state and emerging trends in ASEAN’s oil and gas industry. It provides key statistics and analyses the oil and natural gas situation in ASEAN, covering reserves, production, consumption, trade, infrastructure, policy trends, investments, and energy transition initiatives.

This edition covers broader topics than those in the 2021 version, with deeper discussions on the field exploration and development activities, the recent status of the trade balance and movement, and investments in infrastructure development. Also included here are descriptions of recent initiatives relating to ASEAN’s energy security and energy transition.
Our aim is to equip stakeholders with a high-level overview of the oil and gas industry in ASEAN to navigate its ever-evolving landscape and to point out opportunities for governments to maximise sustainable growth.

The data were collected from various reliable sources: official reports from the governments, the private sector, and international organisations. All data are available at ACE’s internal database: ASEAN Energy Database System (AEDS).

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November 2023



Oil and Gas


ASEAN Centre for Energy

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