(1999-2004) ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC)

1 December 1999

Key Points

The plan covers the energy component of the Hanoi Plan of Action which directs the ASEAN towards the following objectives for 1999-2004: (1) to ensure security and sustainability of energy supply, efficient utilisation of natural energy resource in the region and the rational management of energy demand, with due consideration of the environment, and (2) to institute the policy framework and implementation modalities by 2004 for the early realisation of the Trans-ASEAN energy networks covering the ASEAN Power Grid and the Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline Projects as a more focused continuation of the medium-term programme of action (1995 – 1999).



ASEAN Power Grid, Coal and Clean Coal Technology, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Regional Energy Policy and Planning, Renewable Energy, Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline


APAEC Drafting Committee

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