Paving the Way for a Green Future: Insights from the ASEAN Energy Sector

On February 2nd, 2024, a critical discussion on sustainability took a big step forward at the “Green Transitions in the Global Environment” conference, hosted by the ESSCA School of Management. ACCEPT was invited to share its expertise and lead the conversation on transforming the energy landscape within the ASEAN nations.

ASEAN Energy-Climate Nexus Study Tour

The ACCEPT II study tour to Norway, conducted November 5-11, provided an in-depth look into Norwegian experiences and knowledge about the energy-climate
nexus, which is crucial for the ASEAN Member States (AMS) and their aim of reaching net-zero by 2050. This initiative aligns with the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation Phase II, especially the section on Regional Energy Policy and Planning.

ARNECC Paper Talks 2.0 – Net Zero #3 Registration

As Indonesia have made targets on reducing GHG emissions in the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) by 31.89% on its own capability and 43.20% with international assistance in 2030, it is important to track the amount of emissions produced and absorbed in different regions of the country. Mr. Khaerul Amru, alongside seven other co-authors, did exactly […]