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World Climate Forum Asia

28 September 2021
28 September 2021



The World Climate Forum (WCF) Series in Asia, Europe and North America serve as critical digital collaboration platforms in fostering public-private partnerships while responding to regional plans and targets. WCF Asia takes place virtually during Ecosperity Week and represents the third stop in the Forum Series roadmap leading to COP26.

Key themes at the World Climate Forum Asia will include:

  • Carbon Neutral Transformation of Mega Cities
  • Financing Energy Innovations
  • Decarbonising Energy Systems
  • Building Climate Resilient Infrastructure
  • Asia’s Role and Climate Commitments

Dr Nuki Agya Utama, the Executive Director of ACE, will join as one of the speakers on “Panel Session 2: Transforming and Decarbonising Energy Systems – Asia’s Way Forward through Renewable Energy”. This panel will highlight the renewable energy technologies with tremendous potential and explore how regional cooperation can be fostered to support their deployment and expand energy access. 

Panel Session 2: Transforming and Decarbonising Energy Systems – Asia’s Way Forward through Renewable Energy

While many Asian countries are still heavily dependent on coal, there is a vast potential for scaling up renewable energy production. Transforming the energy system and decarbonising energy production is crucial as most countries in Asia are very vulnerable to climate change. Increasing the share of renewable energy can further be the key to ensuring energy security and affordability of energy, reducing air pollution and minimising water use, land contamination and environmental degradation across Asia. Increasing renewable energy production will become even more relevant as energy demand in Southeast Asia alone is expected to grow at a rate twice the global average over the next 20 years. At the same time, Asia has excellent opportunities for low carbon development pathways with increasing solar energy production in Southeast Asia and a growing market for wind energy and green hydrogen, for example, in China. Which renewable power technologies have an immense potential for this ambitious transition? How can regional cooperation be fostered to support the deployment of those technologies and expand energy access?

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