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Workshop: Energy Efficiency Policy and Financing in ASEAN

07 July 2021
07 July 2021



As a high-performing institution that builds a coherent, coordinated, focused and robust energy policy agenda and strategy for ASEAN, the roles of ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) are critical in supporting the implementation of APAEC. The ASEAN-German Energy Programme (AGEP), a jointly implemented programme by ACE and Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), supports ACE to strengthen its strategic role as a regional competence centre of excellence for sustainable energy in the ASEAN region. This second phase of the joint programme, AGEP II, has 3 main areas to contribute to APAEC 2016-2025:

  1. Support ACE to provide innovative services to promote sustainable energy.
  2. Improved collection and digital processing of socio-economic and energy data in AMS.
  3. Implement selected actions of ACE’s organisational development plan.

In accordance with above background, AGEP is organising a workshop to support AMS in developing and implementing effective EE financing policies and mechanisms, which will further contribute to their national and regional APAEC target for energy efficiency and conservation.

The two-day workshop will be conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams.

Please register through the following link.

Target Participant

Given the purpose of multi-stakeholders dialogue, a variety of participants would be invited to join the workshop:

  1. EE&C-Sub Sector Network Focal Points or other relevant ministries that is responsible for EE policy and regulation
  2. Financial Institutions and Financial Services Regulatory Authorities that is responsible for EE financing policy and regulation
  3. Project owners/developers, industry and building sectors
  4. International organisations, researchers and academia with related works in EE technology or financing