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The Inception Meeting of ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership (AJEEP) Under The SOME-METI Work Programme 2021-2022

27 July 2021

Online, 26 – 27 July 2021The AJEEP Inception Meeting under the SOME-METI Work Programme 2021-2022 was held virtually on 26 and 27 July 2021. ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub Sector Network (EE&C-SSN) Focal Points were convened virtually to discuss the AJEEP Scheme 2, Scheme 3, and the development of new schemes AJEEP.

Mr Sarat Prakobchat, the Director of Energy Regulation and Conservation Division, Ministry of Energy Thailand, on behalf of the EE&C-SSN Coordinator, further stated in his opening remark that this meeting will hopefully facilitate the ASEAN Member States (AMS) in enhancing their capacity on EE&C measures for accelerating the region’s energy transition and shape the path towards carbon neutrality in the area.

The aim to continue the accomplishments of AJEEP Scheme 2 and Scheme 3 through future development of the new schemes further was emphasised by Mr Motofusa Murakami, the Managing Director of Energy Conservation Center, Japan, in his opening remark. He stated that Japan had announced the target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which is also aligned with the goal of ASEAN Plan of Action and Energy Cooperation (APAEC) Phase II: 2021-2025 to accelerate the energy transition. He hopes that through AJEEP activities, ECCJ could help AMS reach the target of EE&C development under the APAEC.

Day 1 – Country Updates and AJEEP Scheme 2

On day 1, the Meeting started with a country report session by the AMS, allowing AMS to share their updates and best practices on the EE&C policy and regulatory framework, including the energy efficiency standard & labelling and energy management system.

Furthermore, the Meeting discussed the implementation plans for the AJEEP Scheme 2 Training of Trainers programme, which will be concluded in 2021-2022. The AJEEP Scheme 2 programme has certified a total of 67 ASEAN Energy Manager Trainers from 10 AMS. It is expected to train and certify more than 15 additional trainers in the final year of its implementation.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the programme will be conducted virtually, including the Practical Energy Management Training in Thailand and the Trial Energy Audit activities.

Day 2 – AJEEP Scheme 3 and Way Forward for AJEEP Scheme 4 and Scheme 5

Similar to the AJEEP Scheme 2, the AJEEP Scheme 3 will also be concluded in 2021-2022. On the 2nd day of the Meeting, the EE&C-SSN Focal points discussed the implementation plans for the AJEEP Scheme 3 and the plans for the AJEEP new schemes.

The AJEEP Scheme 3 provided policy consultation support to the Cambodia and Lao PDR, through the dispatch of the expert from Japan and AMS, in developing the energy efficiency, conservation legal, regulatory framework, and including the labelling system and energy management system arrangement.

Several notable signs of progress have been made, such as the approval of the EE&C Decree by the Lao Government in 2020 and the support for the finalisation of Cambodia’s National Energy Efficiency Policy. In this final year, AJEEP Scheme 3 will focus on supporting Cambodia and Lao PDR in developing energy management system arrangements, particularly in completing the periodical report template and discussing the potential support for both countries under the new scheme AJEEP.

Moving forward, ACE, ECCJ and EE&C-SSN will work closely to develop the AJEEP Scheme 4 further, focus on the development of the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Management Certification System involving high-level energy manager and AJEEP Scheme 5, capacity building and knowledge sharing on EE&C technology and policies for carbon neutrality in building, industry, and transportation sector. The AJEEP Scheme 4 and Scheme 5 is expected to commence in 2022.

“I hope our fruitful discussion today will help us to implement the programme smoothly and could reap the impact and benefits to the enhancement of EE&C effort in the region. I look forward to the future cooperation under AJEEP and further strengthen the cooperation between ASEAN and Japan.” Dr Nuki Agya Utama, Executive Director of ACE, conveyed his hope through his closing remarks.

By Veren Yoshevania Sattvadharma and Syahira Narizta Syahputri