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Firming Up Action Plans for Standard and Labelling in Lao PDR

06 October 2017

Hosted by Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) of Lao PDR, the Workshop was attended by the representatives from MEM, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Public Work and Transportation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Electricité du Lao (EDL), IT City Store, K-Plaza Store, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and National University of Laos. Also in attendance were the representatives from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy of Thailand as a supporting country, the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE).

The Workshop aimed to assist Lao PDR in the establishment of the Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EE&C) Regulatory Framework and Standard and Labelling (S&L) System.  The Technical Working Group (TWG) discussed amongst others the status of Legal Framework Arrangement in Lao PDR including the required process and requirements to finalise the decree. The Prime Minister is expected to approve the Decree.

The representative from DEDE Thailand shared the country’s experience in the development and the challenges in S&L system operation. He provided some advice such as the development of appropriate policy and establishment of tools and systems to ensure the smooth implementation of S&L in Lao PDR.

The TWG conducted a shop survey in Vientiane in order to collect data from air conditioners nameplates and energy labels that are available in the market.  The data are necessary to set the Minimum Energy Performance Standard.

In conclusion, the Workshop had productive outcomes and was able to define the responsibilities of related ministries and organisations including their roles and scopes of work, timeline, as well as arrangements to ensure the timely implementation of the 3-year plan on S&L in Lao PDR. (AJ)