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Effective Utilisation of Diverse Energy Resources

07 May 2018

China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme 2018 Exchange Project was executed in Xi’an, China on 7 May 2018, with the theme “Effective Utilisation of Diverse Energy Resources”.  More than 20 leaders of energy authority, experts and scholars from ASEAN Member States (AMS) and China attended the three-day programme. They exchanged ideas on the utilisation of diverse energy resources and discussed the future of clean energy.

Credit : CREEI

During his opening statement, Mr. Guo Zhi (Chief Economist of National Energy Administration/NEA) claimed that China and ASEAN have a similar economic foundation and demands in energy transition. Over the years, China and ASEAN have been focusing on sustainable development in energy. The ASEAN region is also the key and hub of the ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’. Under The Belt and Road Initiative framework and with the basis of collaboration of East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum, China and AMS jointly contributed to the programme by sharing the experience of clean energy utilisation for the development of regional economy. Mr. Guo Zhi also pointed out that multi-energy utilisation has provided an efficient way to achieve sustainable development.

Mr. Yi Yuechun, Vice President of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) emphasised on the global energy consumption that is gradually moving eastward. As one of the most dynamic regions in the global economy, ASEAN’s fast social and economic growth further boosts the eastbound shift of global energy consumption centre. Furthermore, being an important think tank of renewable energy (RE) in China, CREEI is honoured to participate in the development of RE. Under the guidance of NEA, it (1) develops the industry policies and standards; (2) offers technical supports such as industry and subject development planning; whole-process technical management of engineering projects as well as industry information technology; and (3) conducts research on international energy cooperation. CREEI plans to share the experience and results of clean energy development with ASEAN partners, consolidate the mutual understanding and trust between China and ASEAN, and enhance the cooperation between each other.

Following Mr. Yi Yuechun’s speech, Mr. Beni Suryadi from ACE expressed that the capacity building programme is one of the many activities which ACE and CREEI initiated to lay solid foundation for the cooperation in clean energy policies, development planning, and project exchange. ACE also anticipates the principles of resources sharing, mutual trust and exchange, and win-win cooperation, to further leverage the strengths of China and ASEAN in energy sector. As representation of ASEAN in the energy sector, ACE is very glad to see a strong enthusiasm from the AMS in the programme, shown in the complete participation from all ten Member States.

Credit  : CREEI

‘China-ASEAN Clean Energy Capacity Building Programme’ is an important systematic cooperation project in the sector of clean energy between China and ASEAN, with a specific topic given annually. The topic of the 2017 exchange project was ‘Technology and Development of Pumped Storage Power Stations’. The programme is guided by NEA, jointly organised by CREEI and ASEAN Centre for Energy , sponsored by PowerChina Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited and participated by the AMS. Xi’an University of Technology contributed to the programme as speaker. (NS)