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Driving Clean Energy Solutions as a Global Community

21 November 2018

With the main objective to accelerate the global energy transition and to boost renewable energy share in the energy mix, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) has organised REN21 Academy on 19-21 November 2018 in Berlin, Germany with over 170 participants from 80 different countries.


These collaborative three-day event consisting of seven parallel sessions and three workshops have shed a spotlight on the monumental roles of key stakeholders and energy agencies to increase the scope of individual and joint actions to create integrated energy solutions for cleaner energy worldwide. All participants discussed various topics ranging from renewables heat, transport, energy systems, energy financing, to green cities. In this particular occasion, Mr Visal Veng, Senior Energy Research Analyst, together with Mr Aloysius Damar Pranadi, Technical Officer, of ASEAN Centre for Energy contributed to a workshop session on renewable energy as expert resources. Using perspective-sharing as its foundation, the event seeks to use the momentum to drive energy transformation by building the spirit of a community. (VV. Featured photo credit:  REN21)