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ASEAN Students on ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management Present the Research Work to ACE and the Universities Experts

01 December 2022

Jakarta, 30 November 2022

Seven out of 23 students of ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management organised by Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and University of Agder (UiA) has presented their master thesis on sustainable energy research.

  • A hybrid seminar both in-person at Magister Management of UGM (MM UGM) in Jakarta and virtual over Zoom has been attended by representatives from UGM, UiA and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE).
  • Stein Oluf Kristiansen (UiA), Prof Indra Overland (NUPI), Mr Beni Suryadi (ACCEPT 2), Dr Rocky Adiguna, Prof Deendarlianto and Dr Wiratni Budhijanto (UGM) are among the panelists during the seminar to deliver feedback and input to the students.

The students will continue the energy research by involving the three institutions as part of research collaboration.


The implementing universities of ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management, UGM and UiA represented by Prof Stein Oluf Kristiansen have a research collaboration with ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project Phase 2 (ACCEPT 2) on topic of sustainable energy within ASEAN. The first meeting induction held on November 18, 2022, has built a collaboration and open opportunities for the master students to conduct research and intern at ACCEPT 2 as well as connecting with energy stakeholder in ASEAN through ACCEPT 2. As a continuation of the collaboration, ACCEPT 2 representatives, Mr Beni Suryadi and Mr Muhammad Shidiq, have been invited to attend a student seminar on ASEAN Master program conducted on November 29, 2022, as panelists and reviewer. The representatives have been invited by the Program to give feedback, input and review on the student’s research on sustainable energy topic in ASEAN.

Dr Rocky Adiguna as the Program Coordinator at UGM opened the seminar and shortly introduced about the program and the seminar. The seminar is part of 1.5-year program where the student has been given a place to present their research proposal as well as the progress of their research. A remark has been delivered by Prof Stein Oluf Kristiansen as the Program Coordinator at UiA where He strongly acknowledged the student efforts on undertaking and be continuing the research on energy sustainability.

(Photo 1. Dr Bowo Setiono of UGM (3rd from left), Mr Beni Suryadi of ACCEPT2 (4th from left), Prof Stein Kristiansen of UiA (5thfrom left), Prof Indra Overland (6th from left), the representatives and the students joining the in-person Seminar.)

The 23 students along with expert panelists including Prof Stein Kristiansen, Dr Steen Koekebakker, Dr Stina Torjesen, Prof Mohan Lal Kolhe (UiA), Prof Indra Overland (NUPI), Dr Rocky Adiguna, Prof Deendarlianto, Dr Wiratni Budhijanto, Dr Bowo Setiono, Dr Muh Ali Imron (UGM) and Mr Beni Suryadi and Mr Muhammad Shidiq (ACCEPT 2) have attended the seminar held on Auditorium of MM UGM at Jakarta. The seven students who come from Cambodia (1), Indonesia (2), Malaysia (1), Myanmar (1) and Philippines (2) have research on energy sustainability.

Mr Chanbora Sek of Cambodia presented the challenges for renewable energy transition in telecom industry by taking a case study from Thailand and Bangladesh. 2 Indonesian students who are Mr Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha and Mr Dwi Riyan have delivered research on how financing clean energy transitions by taking a case study of small hydropower in Indonesia, and a partnership for sustainable biofuel production in Indonesia, respectively. Next, a study on the opportunities and challenges of rural electrification in ASEAN by taking case study of rural microgrids in Sabah Malaysia has been presented by Ms Anjulie Razak of Malaysia. A current hot topic on battery has also been discussed by Mr Hein Htet of Myanmar where He discussed about business models for recycling batteries. Lastly, study on environmental and social risk mitigation of Philippines offshore wind development, and Decarbonization of paint manufacture industry in Indonesia have been presented by Mr Ian Benedicte Mia and Ms Nina Roselle Tinaja.(Photo 2. The attendees review and discuss the student research work.)

The students will then follow up the seminar by continuing the research covering additional data collection, analysis and reporting. During the data collection and analysis, ACCEPT 2 will be involved on connecting the student with relevant energy stakeholders within the region as part of their data collection. In advance, ACCEPT 2 may be also involved on analysis by delivering input and feedback for the research progress as well as on the reporting. By connecting the students with the relevant stakeholders on data collection it is expected to strengthen the research; as a result, a deep-dive or a comprehensive analysis and reporting of the research can be undertaken and produced by the students.

For ACCEPT 2, the built research collaboration among the three institutions could strengthen energy research, knowledge and data or information sources in ASEAN. In addition, strengthening partnership with international dialogue partners and countries can be made stronger. Therefore, the energy research of Southeast Asia can be exposed and promoted more worldwide. The research collaboration between ACCEPT 2 and the university partners both UGM and UiA will be made as long-term collaboration started in 2022 or since the 1st batch of the ASEAN Master on Sustainability Management program implemented by UGM and UiA.

Detailed information on the profile of the ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management can be found at https://www.asean-sustainability.mba/

We welcome the collaboration, hence please feel free to contact Muhammad Shidiq at [email protected]