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ACE Participated in the 2023 GEIDCO Thematic Forum on Advanced Power Transmission

30 October 2023

ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) recently participated in the 2023 Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organisation (GEIDCO) Thematic Forum on Advanced Power Transmission. This forum, co-organised by GEIDCO, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) China Council, Hitachi Energy, and China Electrical Equipment Group, gathered more than 300 guests from international organisations, government departments, enterprises, research institutions, and universities.

The forum featured distinguished speakers including Gérald Sanchis, Secretary General of the CIGRE France and Secretary General of the SEE, Dr. Yi Jun, Director General of the Carbon Neutrality Research Center for Power Systems of China Electric Power Research Institute, and Dr. Zha Kunpeng, Principal Expert of State Grid Corporation of China and Executive Director of C-EPRI.

Represented by Beni Suryadi, Manager at ACE, emphasised ASEAN’s commitment to carbon neutrality, underscoring the win-win opportunity it presents for the region. Achieving carbon neutrality not only contributes to the region’s economic growth but also aligns with national decarbonisation targets.

Furthermore, advanced power transmission technology has been identified as a key enabler in this endeavour. ACE is actively pursuing innovations in this field to address transmission challenges such as limited capacity, system congestion, increased variability, and security threats. Beni highlighted that advanced transmission technologies, when combined with advanced computational and dynamic situational awareness tools, can significantly enhance the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of electricity delivery in the region.

ACE’s efforts also extend to the development of the ASEAN Power Grid (APG), an interconnected electricity infrastructure and market. The APG aims to provide affordable and resilient electricity while accommodating higher shares of renewable energy sources. With approximately 7,720 MW of cross-border interconnections already in place and ambitious plans for further expansion, ACE is poised to support the region’s sustainable energy growth.

The ASEAN Interconnection Masterplan Study (AIMS III) foresees substantial growth in solar and wind capacity by 2025, aligning with regional renewable energy targets. These developments enhance energy security, create job opportunities, and contribute to CO2 emissions reduction, underlining the far-reaching benefits of interconnection.

Beni further noted that ACE’s collaborative work with GEIDCO and UNESCAP, as exemplified in the 2018 publication “Energy Interconnection in ASEAN for Sustainable and Resilient Societies: Accelerating Energy Transition,” highlights the regional and global benefits of enhanced energy connectivity.

ACE looks forward to further strengthening its collaborations with global partners to achieve a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy future for ASEAN.