Webinar: Innovative Mini- Grid Projects to Accelerate Renewable Deployment in Islands and Remote Communities


The declining cost of renewable generation and energy storage systems (ESS) offers new energy options for islands and remote communities that historically had relied on diesel and heavy fuel oil to meet electricity demand.

This webinar explores how energy storage systems equipped with Virtual Synchronous Generation (VSG) capabilities can be used to unlocks green, lower-cost energy while increasing the use of renewables in remote communities and islands.

Mr Beni Suryadi – Power, Fossil Fuel, Alternative Energy and Storage (PFS) Manager will join as a speaker to deliver a presentation on the challenges that renewable integration presents for islands and remote communities in the region. The current situation regarding the state of renewables in the member states and the regulation in place to promote a higher penetration of renewables.

Join us here.


20 May 2021


Metro Manila, the Philippines

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