Southeast Asia’s Challenges to Sustainable and Inclusive Development


Round table 2 – What cooperation between private and public sector for promoting the energy transition in Southeast Asia?

Energy transition is one of the sub-priorities of AFD’ strategy in Southeast Asia. This transition, which has been timidly initiated in a number of countries in the region, must not only allow for the gradual shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies, but also promote energy efficiency in the production sector, in buildings and in electrical systems. The scale of the challenges to be met requires the involvement of both the public and private sectors, and cooperation between these two types of actor is essential to remove the obstacles to investment.

The aim of this round table is to invite different actors in the energy field to present their vision of cooperation between the private and public sector and of its importance, but also to question the way of making this cooperation as efficient as possible.

Speakers :

  • Beni Suryadi, Manager of Power, Fossil Fuels, Alternative Energy and Storage (PFS), ASEAN Center for Energy
  • Sirpa Jarvenpaa, director, Energy Transition Partnership
  • Ariane Ducreux, Head of Energy, Digital and Infrastructure Division, Proparco

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01 Oct 2021



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