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Energy Efficiency Movement


With motivation to promote more efficient use of energy to mitigate impact of climate change, ABB Motion was launched a global campaign called the Energy Efficiency Movement to engage with multiple stakeholders and build awareness around energy efficiency opportunities in industry and infrastructure, and to innovate as well as act together to increase the collective focus as well as actions on energy efficiency.

As part of this campaign, ACE will participate as a speaker in the Regional Media Roundtable that will be held by ABB Motion on 11 November 2021.


  1. The vital role of high-efficiency motors and drives in reducing energy consumption
    by Morten Wierod, President, ABB Motion.
  2. Energy efficiency is central in future-proofing ASEAN’s megacities (20 mins)
    by R Narayanan, Lead Business Area Manager, ABB Motion, Asia.
  3. Energy Efficiency in ASEAN (20 mins)
    by ACE
  4. Media Q&A


11 Nov 2021



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