ASEAN Coal Business Roundtable Dialogue


This year, ASEAN is launching its first ASEAN Coal Business Roundtable Dialogue, which will be held biannually, to discuss the future of ASEAN’s coal trade and business in low carbon economy and to assess coal’s new role in the energy transition. The event will serve as a platform for the various coal stakeholders to exchange views and ideas on the new role of coal, clean coal technologies, clean coal policy, and best practices of coal industry around the world. Moreover, this platform will explore future opportunities and collaboration in ASEAN.


  • To provide a venue to share and exchange ideas on the future of coal business in ASEAN energy transition.
  • To enhance the understanding of clean coal technologies, carbon capture utilisation and/or storage, and the new role of coal in the energy transition.
  • To identify opportunities for future collaboration in the utilization of clean coal technologies for energy transition and energy resiliency in ASEAN.

Find the agenda here.


08 Jul 2020



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