ASEAN Energy
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015




ASEAN Centre for Energy

Key Points

  • The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, better known as ASEAN, is set for remarkable growth and opportunity. Its 10 member nations represent a market of more than 600 million consumers and a combined GDP of nearly US$3 trillion. These figures are increasing by the day, and the region’s prosperity and stability continue to grow.
  • APAEC 2016-2025 will serve as the next blueprint of how ASEAN plans to drive its energy landscape in advancing regional integration towards a global ASEAN in seven key areas, namely the (1) ASEAN Power Grid, (2) Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline, (3) Coal & Clean Coal Technology, (4) Energy Efficiency and Conservation, (5) Renewable Energy, (6) Regional Energy Policy and Planning, and (7) Civilian Nuclear Energy.

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