Myanmar Junta Seeks AI Tech from Russia to Pump More Oil

The junta’s new energy minister has asked Russia to provide technology embedded with artificial intelligence to extract oil from wells in Myanmar that do not have much left in them, as he continues scrambling for investment in what was one of Myanmar’s most attractive industries for foreign investment before the coup.

Myanmar’s rare earth mining suspension sends global prices skyrocketing

The continued shut down of Myanmar’s controversial rare earths mining sector has sent the price of the critical metal sky high. Led by a swarm of illegal miners, Myanmar has been one of the world’s largest producers of rare earths in recent years, with the majority of its output sent to neighbour China.

GEAPP to Aid Myanmar with 100 Solar Projects, Unlocking $60 Mn Solar Investment

With this partnership, GEAPP will facilitate the development of 100 new solar projects across Myanmar, supplying a total of 57 MW of clean electricity. This initiative, which will unlock $60 million worth of solar investment, will also pave the way for the sustenance of 72,000 jobs in the agricultural value chain, improving the livelihoods of […]