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ACE as the ASEAN energy data centre and knowledge hub aim to provide a knowledge repository for the AMS through our in-house platform called ASEAN Energy Database System (AEDS).

AEDS contains official ASEAN statistic data and related energy news and policies to help you understand the energy landscape of ASEAN and each of its Member States.



Learn more what ASEAN Energy Database System is about.

Since when was AEDS developed by ACE?

As a knowledge hub, ACE has been developing AEDS years ago, as a platform for data sharing for AMS. However, since 2017, AEDS website has been improved by adding more statistical data, visualisation, and other related information beyond statistics, such as news and policy.

How to register to AEDS? How long does it take until my registration will be approved?

Go to and click login > register. AEDS team will evaluate your registration for approval. Your registration will be evaluated by AEDS team, and as long as you register with your official government email account, it will be immediately approved.
if you are AMS government officials but has no government email account, you could send us an email to [email protected] to request for approval after you register.

Is AEDS open for public?

Yes, most of AEDS feature is open to the public (i.e. news, policy, AEDS GIS), but the statistic is not. Statistics are accessible for AMS government officials only in the mean-time.

How statistic data is collected in AEDS?

Data statistics in AEDS are official data submitted by AMS regularly through the ACE questionnaire form. ACE then has the authority to turn this national data into ASEAN regional data.

How update is the data in AEDS?

The data is usually 1 to 2 years lag, depends on the AMS submission. Now most data displayed in AEDS are in the year of 2017.

Will AEDS open subscription for public? Could I subscribed to AEDS?

There is a plan to extend AEDS registration for the public with subscription scheme in the long run, however in the meantime, since AEDS has just been launched and under development stage, we still evaluate the system and need to consult with AMS on the direction of AEDS improvement ahead.

How to get the access of statistical data if I am not government officials?

If you need statistic data on energy but you hold no access to AEDS, you could send your inquiry to [email protected] and cc to [email protected]. We will review your request and get back to you if we can share specific data with you.

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