[Re-Advertise]: Manager of Administration and Finance (ANF)

The Manager will perform the following core activities:

  1. Manage and direct the Administration and Finance Division and its activities concerning office administration, finance, personnel (HR), procurement and general affairs matters as efficient as practical in accordance with the existing internal rules of ACE and the legal basis of the Centre among others: the establishment agreement of ACE, consolidated rules and procedures of ACE, ACE Governing Council, and financial agreement for the specific projects.
  2. Develop methods and procedures necessary to ensure good financial control in accordance with the financial agreement and procedures established by and with the ASEAN Secretariat and other agencies concerned.
  3. Preparation of yearly Budget and Financial Report to the ACE Executive Director and to the Governing Council of ACE. The Governing Council, consisting of the senior officials on energy from the 10 ASEAN countries, provides direction to the operations of ACE.
  4. Identifying opportunities for project funding, such as, drafting concept papers, project proposals and reports, developing project budget and cash flows and monitoring strategies.
  5. Develop and maintain personnel policies, procedures, and action programmes as well as to provide effective and efficient support to the Centre, Departments and Staff and to ensure adequate personnel required to meet the Centre’s current and future needs.
  6. Carryout works relating to staffing matters: preparations and selection, recruitment, placement, evaluation of performance, compensation and protection, replacement, handling over and termination.
  7. Carry out other task/s that may be assigned to him/her by the Executive Director

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