Consultant in Building and Cooling System – Roadmaps Towards Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings and Cooling in ASEAN

ACE is implementing a project on Roadmaps Towards Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings and Cooling in ASEAN. The project goals align with the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) Phase II: 2020-2025 Programme Area 4 (Energy Efficiency and Conservation on creating and Enabling Environment for Sustainable Energy Efficient Buildings in ASEAN. Therefore, ACE is seeking an experienced Energy Efficiency (EE) Consultant in building sector and efficient cooling system to deliver the outputs according to term of condition of the TOR.

Objective of the assignment:

  1. Support the webinar, meeting, and workshop series of the programme, via conceptual inputs to the workshop outline, propose speakers and prepare presentations and content.
  2. Support the Development of AMS country profiles and other background materials for the project, summarising existing governance, regulatory and legal structures.
  3. Support the stakeholder mapping and ad-hoc consultation and capturing meeting recommendations and making a report.
  4. Data sources and questionnaires relevant to policy updates, programme and project/case-study relevant to building and cooling system.
  5. Contribute to the first draft of both the buildings roadmap and cooling roadmap.
  6. Contribute to the second draft of both the buildings roadmap and the cooling roadmap.
  7. Support the development two policy briefs and two articles related to building and cooling system for ACE to publish.
  8. Support the development of concept note to further Technical Assistance (TA) and financial support by ASEAN or international donor agencies to adopt and implement sustainable building and cooling roadmap in the ASEAN region.

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