Coal and Clean Coal Technology

Coal is a major fuel source for power generation in the region and its total coal production and utilisation has risen.


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    Post COP26: What ASEAN Could Do to Walk the Global Coal to Clean Po...
    Monday, 13 Dec 2021
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    CCS: Future Of ASEAN Carbon-Intensive Industries
    Monday, 11 Oct 2021
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    Going In-depth Into The Role of Coal in Energy Resilience
    Monday, 21 Jun 2021
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    Why It’s Too Early to Rule Out ‘Sexy Killer’ Coal in ASEAN’s Energy...
    Wednesday, 2 Sep 2020
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    How Does ASEAN Coal Sector Look In The First Quarter Of 2019?
    Thursday, 4 Apr 2019
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    ASEAN’s Need for Energy Cooperation and Integration
    Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018

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