The ASEAN Member States Are On Their Way to Implement APAEC Phase II

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore, in collaboration with the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), organised the 17th Regional Energy Policy and Planning Sub-sector Network (REPP-SSN) Meeting on 28 June 2018 in Singapore. The Meeting was held back-to-back with the 1st ASEAN+3 Clean Energy Roundtable. The 17thREPP-SSN Meeting was chaired by Mr. Jonathan Goh Kok Chye, Director of External Relations of EMA and Singapore’s Senior Officials on Energy (SOE) Leader. The Meeting was attended by ACE, ASEAN Secretariat, the ASEAN Member States (AMS)’ representatives from Sub-sector Networks (SSN), and Specialised Energy Bodies (SEB), including.

Each SEB/SSN presented all progress in the seven (7) APAEC programme areas which covered; i) accomplishment status in 2016/2017, ii) annual milestones/deliverables in 2018, iii) proposed changes/modifications in the outcome-based strategies and action plans, and iv) proposed timeline for specific activities to achieve the APAEC outcome-based strategies.

ACE is leading the APAEC Mid-Term Review that highlighted ASEAN activities from 2016 to 2018. This Report will be presented to the AMS to be endorsed during the 36th Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) and ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM). The priority deliverables for energy sector during this year are the following; i) completion of the High-Level Policy Dialogue on the role of coal in ASEAN, ii) initiative of Gas Advocacy White Paper, iii) Study on the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) for Various RE Technologies in ASEAN, iv) MoU between ASEAN and IRENA, v) Draft of guidelines for green building codes, vi) Mid-Term Review Report of the APAEC 2016-2025 Phase I: 2016-2020, and vii) the establishment of Framework for Capacity Building Hub for Energy in ASEAN.

On the activities advancement with DPs and IOs, several fruitful engagements were established, e.g. the ASEAN-IRENA MoU, IEA Digitalisation and Energy Workshop, and Singapore-IEA Investments Training Programme. These efforts will contribute to the key strategies of REPP; to better the ASEAN’s profile in energy sector internationally.

The REPP-SSN will commence the drafting of APAEC 2016-2025 Phase II: 2021-2025, as the continuation of the APAEC Phase I. The First Drafting Committee Meeting is planned to be conducted at the sideline of the Special SOME in 2019. This will be implemented in coordination with ACE, and of course with the support from all ASEAN Member States. (TSO. Fetured photo credit:  EMA)

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