Strategic Report on the New Role of Coal-Fired Power Plant in the Era of Energy Transition
Wednesday, 1 Sep 2021




Coal and Clean Coal Technology


ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and Japan Coal Frontier Organization (JCOAL)

Key points

For the past decades, coal has been playing a crucial role in the ASEAN energy sector by supplying the steady growth in power demand of the developing region. But now that Southeast Asia embarks into energy transition following the global shift into a low-carbon economy to address climate change, reidentifying the role of coal in the energy sector is deemed essential to ensure the security, accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of energy in the region.

To maintain the sustainable use of coal in the ASEAN region, this report recommends policy developments and updates on increased HELE utilisation, enhanced pollution, and emission regulation, and Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) deployment. Increased HELE utilisation calls for a solid regulatory framework on the application of HELE technologies on newly built plants and will also require consistent support when it comes to the financial, construction, and operation aspects. It was projected that ASEAN will need 60 GW additional capacity of supercritical and ultrasupercrital coal-fired power plants in 20 years which requires around US$77 billion investment.

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