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China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme 2023: Clean Energy Leader Exchange Programme

12 October 2023

The China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme 2023: Clean Energy: Leader Exchange Programme, is a four-day series of activities initiated by ASEAN and China to push forward clean and sustainable energy development in the region. In achieving this objective, the China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme shared experiences from Chinese clean energy experts on the policies, technology planning and application, focusing on offshore wind. Aside from conducting discussions, the capacity building also incorporated a site visit to the Xiangshan Offshore Wind Farm. The programme was held from 21 to 24 September 2023 as part of the China-ASEAN Clean Energy Week.

The event was opened with addresses from the representatives of China and ASEAN agencies. The speakers that delivered the addresses for the programme are as follows; Ms. Chai Miao, Director of the Energy Division, Development and Reform Commission of Hainan Province, China. The next address was presented by H.E. Chrisnawan Anditya, Head of Policy Planning Bureau, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia. Subsequently, it was followed by the address from Zhang Muzi, Director of General Affairs Division,  International Cooperation Department of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute. Lastly, Mr. Prihastya Wiratama, the Project Manager of ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) delivered his address for the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was followed by keynote speeches from the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) representatives. Mr. Zhang Yiguo, the Chief Planning Engineer of CREEI, presented his keynote speech for the event, which focused on China’s experience regarding the offshore wind power policy system as well as industrial development. The next keynote speech was delivered by Ms. Monika Merdekawati, the Research Analyst of the Sustainable and Renewable Energy (SRE) Department, ACE. The speech by Ms Monika Merdekawati emphasised the resources and development of the ASEAN offshore wind sector in reference to the ASEAN Offshore Wind Development Roadmap.

The next activity of the first day was presentations from ASEAN Member States on the new energy development as well as industrial chain planning, followed by the exchange and discussion session among the member states. The subsequent agenda was presentations on the development of Industry and Projects, moderated by Ms. Monika Merdekawati of ACE. In her presentation, Ms. Wu Caixia, the Head of Industrial Research Department, the Chinese Wind Energy Association, highlighted the role of policy guidance, mass market, technological innovation, and industrial cluster development in China’s offshore wind industry development experience. The next presentation was delivered by Mr. Li Wei, the New Energy Engineering Institute General Engineer, Powerchina Huadong Engineering Co., Ltd. (HDEC). Mr. Li Wei, in his presentation, focused on the importance of key technologies development in ramping up offshore wind power in China.

The third presentation in the session was by Mr. Chang Sheng, the Offshore Wind Power Expert from State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC). In his presentation, Mr. Chang Sheng explored how innovative offshore wind technological applications can support the coexistence of sustainable practices in marine pastures, allowing for ecological restoration, resource conservation, and economic benefits such as tourism. The next presentation by Mr. Gui Wei, the Head of the Offshore Wind Power Engineering Department at China Resources Power Zhejiang Company, brought forward the experiences in constructing China’s 400 MW Cangnan Offshore Wind Power Project. The last presentation on the first day was delivered by Mr. Ji Xiaoqiang, Deputy Director of the Offshore Engineering Business Department, Longyuan Power Group Co. Ltd. The presentation delivered by Mr. Ji Xiaoqiang highlighted the indispensable technical factors in offshore wind project construction, which encompassed microsite, electrical configuration, and construction management. The session was closed by an exchange and discussion regarding the delivered presentations.

The subsequent session of the China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme was conducted on the next day, on 22 September 2023. Moderated by Ms. Monika Merdekawati of ACE, the session consisted of six presentations, including the certificates awarding process and the closing ceremony. The theme of this session was regarding the project development, construction, operation and maintenance, thus involving the key industry players in China’s offshore wind sector. The first presentation was delivered by Mr. Fan Yanbin, Deputy General Manager of the Product and Solutions Center and Director of the Offshore Product Line, Goldwind Science Technology Co., Ltd. This presentation brought forward the innovation of large-scale offshore wind technology development. Mr. Liu Fanying, R&D Engineer for Floating WTGS, Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd, highlighted the diverse applications of offshore energy solutions and the increasing advancement of offshore wind technologies.

The next presentation was delivered by Mr. Peng Xu, Deputy General Manager and Chief Digital Officer of Sany Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. This presentation showcased the innovation of offshore wind turbine technology through advanced manufacturing processes. The fourth presentation, conducted after the certificates awarding session in the closing ceremony, was presented by Mr. Sun Guoguang, Chief Engineer of New Energy Engineering Headquarters of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group. Mr Sun Guoguang spoke about the construction process and its management of China’s offshore wind power project. Subsequently, this presentation was followed by Mr. Cai Zhisong, Director of the Wind Energy Solution Department, CGC — which delivered important insights on the certification policy of offshore wind power projects in China and its system to standardise the national wind energy. The session was concluded by a presentation from Mr. Liu Xiaojun, Overseas O&M Director, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., which not only shared the operation and maintenance strategy (O&M) of offshore wind power projects but also offered insights on the future strategy of O&M application in ASEAN.

The next activity was conducted on 23 September 2023 in Hangzhou. This session consisted of a seminar on offshore wind power technology by Powerchina Huadong Engineering Co., Ltd. (HDEC). The last part of the China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme was the site visit to the onshore substation of the Xiangshan Offshore Wind Farm Project, which took place on Sunday, 24 September 2023. The site visit concluded the four-day China-ASEAN Capacity Building Programme.