Vision and Mission ACE

The current vision and mission of ACE were formulated in 1st of January 1999.


The Centre is a catalyst for the economic growth and integration of the ASEAN region by initiating and facilitating multilateral collaborations and joint and collective activities on energy.


ACE shall accelerate the integration of energy strategies within ASEAN by providing relevant information and expertise to ensure the necessary energy policies and programmes are in harmony with the region’s economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Key roles of ACE

In order to fulfil its mandate, ACE produces outputs as per 3 critical roles: catalyst, knowledge hub, and think tank. Details on each role are elaborated below:

  • Catalyst: To unify and strengthen ASEAN Energy Cooperation by providing a platform for sharing, policy advisory, best practices, and capacity building.
  • Knowledge Hub: To provide a knowledge repository for ASEAN Member States (AMS) and services through data management, publication and dissemination.
  • Think tank: To assist AMS on research and identifying practical & specific solution on policies, legal & regulatory frameworks, technologies, and innovative solutions.

ACE in ASEAN Energy Sector

ACE assumes a central role in the ASEAN energy sector. It works closely with energy authorities/ministries in the 10 AMS called the Sub-sector Networks (SSN) and the Specialised Energy Bodies (SEB), as well as with the ASEAN Secretariat which acts as the custodian and administrator of the Endowment fund. Together, they implement the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation, which serves as a blueprint for better cooperation towards enhancing energy. Keeping the region’s development sustainable and environmentally friendly is an important concern of ASEAN’s energy sector. This concern is shared as a common theme of each Sub-sector Network in implementing its programmes.

Download the institutional profile here.

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