Guidelines for Developing Indicators to Track Action on Energy-Related Climate Change Mitigation Policies
Wednesday, 12 Jan 2022




Regional Energy Policy and Planning


Rika Safrina, Beni Suryadi, and Duncan Millard (Independent Consultant)


This report recommends that the region should pursue the following points in developing effective indicators for energy- related climate change mitigation policies:

  • Select specific indicators and a baseline year with complete data to monitor policies
  • Expand energy statistics and data across all ministries with good collaboration among all stakeholders
  • Ensure timely data through regular surveys and other data collection
  • Report the progress and results transparently and clearly on a regular basis, if necessary, using short-term high-level monitoring

This report is supported by the ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project (ACCEPT), funded by the Norwegian Government under the Norwegian-ASEAN Regional Integration Programme (NARIP) and is jointly implemented by the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). The project includes the active involvement of key ASEAN stakeholders and helps enhance modelling, analytical and regional policy planning capacities within ASEAN.

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